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1st Time Free

In 48+ years of doing this, we’ve learned a few things. One is that no matter what anybody says, a client’s relationship with an ad agency—sooner or later—comes down to money. This is especially true at the beginning of the relationship.

Our 1st Time Free offer takes money off the table long enough for a prospective client to evaluate our services and decide if they are willing to commit valuable resources to us. We only do this once  and only for companies (or divisions of companies) we feel good about.  So far, we’ve only declined three projects; only one of which was clearly predatory.

How does it work?  We waive all the fees (but not out-of-pocket costs for contractors or production items) to develop a  project.  What kind of project doesn’t matter; we’ll prepare it and provide it.  No charge.

The catch?  None.  Client keeps the deliverable and can use it anywhere anytime, forever (subject to any third-party licensing requirements.)

Really? Yes, really.

What’s in it for us?  We’ll meet new people who’ll like our work and reward us with paying projects.

Are we crazy?  Probably.  But not about this.  And if we get jerked around?   So far, it hasn’t happened.  And if it does, well, it will only happen with that client once.

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