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GRAPHIC: We’re taking your risk off the table. Our first-time-free offer let’s you try us out with no risk.

How does first-time-free work?

We waive all the fees except out-of-pocket costs (which are fully disclosed up front) to develop a  project. What kind of project doesn’t matter; we’ll prepare it and provide it.  No charge.

The catch?  Just one.

We only offer this to prospective clients we think we can have a future with.  However, compound-complex campaigns are not included–we’re not doing a 52 week social campaign for free. But otherwise, whatever kind of  project involved, it’s the client’s call.

Client keeps the deliverable and can use it anywhere anytime, forever (subject to any third-party licensing requirements.)

What’s in it for us? 

We’ll meet new people who’ll like our work and reward us with paying projects.

Are we crazy? Maybe. But not about this.  And if we get jerked around? We not thinking we’re taking a big risk.  And if it goes badly with one client, well, it will only happen once.

How you can get in on this.

Simple, fill in the form below and the process quickly gets moving.

What kind of projects do others ask about?

Good question.  Here are some “thought starters”:

  • High level, “executive” PowerPoints with cool animation.
  • Zoom meeting production assistance, expecially for a large (and important) group of attendees.
  • Fixing cranky websites
  • Corporate videos
  • Email campaigns
  • LinkedIn B2B campaigns with automation features.
  • Data projects, as in, consolidating multiple spreadsheets into one useful data sheet.

Keep in mind, we have special expertise in “project management”.  It’s often better for an outside, third-party to tackly sensitive issues.  For example,

  • Developing a new product.
  • Announcing a policy/procedure change.
  • Implementing a middleware application

First-Time-Free Request Form

When you submit the form, it will be sent to our CEO, who will contact you ASAP.  Once he has the details, it will go to the top of the work stack.  It won’t be long before you see results.

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