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A good thing your bank can do – for almost no money.

There’s a great opportunity to help hundreds of people in your market.  Some of them are likely your customers. What’s that?  Head off a mortgage loan scam in your market.

People who prey on the  uninformed are vile. There’s a simple, cheap way your bank can help: allocate prominent space on your website home page to (1) warn about mortgage loan scams, (2) link to a page where you clearly outline the dangers, (3) make available an email address and phone number to give more information, and finally, (4) link to government sites like the FDIC, FTC and similar pages where more help can be found. What an OUTSTANDING way to help customers, help yourself, and not spend very much money.

Once you’ve got your web page together, perhaps you could tweet your customers (and the media) every time you update the information. Make sure you let customers know about your page with statement notices and across the teller line hand outs – things you’re already doing, right?

Remember, it doesn’t always take a ‘grand gesture’ to do your customers some good. Often times, little things count just as much.

Here are some links to get you (or your compliance people) thinking:

Featured Articles from the FTC:http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/articles/naps03.pdf

FDIC Tips on Avoiding Mortgage Foreclosure Scams: http://www.fdic.gov/consumers/loans/prevention/rescue/watch.html