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Bank Heritage

Apple Advertising got its start as a bank advertising firm back in 1971, mentored by the late Jack Westall, President of Asheville Savings and Loan Association.  Our roots are deep in the banking industry. We have lived through a lot of industry turmoil and progress, stagnation and growth in those intervening 39 years.

One of the banking industry’s more active associations, the NC Bankers Association (NCBA) conducts the country’s oldest state association banking school. Held every August in Chapel Hill, the school is a four-year course of instruction, grooming ‘up-and-comers’ to take their place in the economy’s most vital industry, the banking sector. North Carolina is a solid financial center due largely to the first-class education many of its bankers have received at NC Bankers’ School of Banking.

Apple Advertising has always been a strong supporter of the banking industry in general and the NC Bankers in particular. This year we continued to put our money where our mouth is and enrolled Zack Self in the school as a freshman to attend the week course during August 8-13, 2010. We’re happy to report that he applied himself, studied hard and passed the final exam.  That means he can return to Chapel Hill next August as a sophomore.

Congratulations to Zack and the 180 or more students and graduates of the 2010 NC School of Banking. We wish all of you the very best.

The banking industry needs all the bright minds it can get.