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Customer Satisfaction

Who’s paying attention to your customer satisfaction?

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It should go without saying that every company is concerned about how they are viewed by their customers. Do your customers feel that you are engaging them in a meaningful way? Do your customers like the way their relationship with you is going?

The customer experience is often measured by a thing called “CSI” or the Customer Satisfaction Index. If you are a bank, that number is usually in the 70s or 80s. If you are a wholesaler with say, 200 customers, your numbers may be higher, in the 80s or 90s. And, if you’re a national retailer, your numbers might be in the 50s or 60s.

But the number is less important than the trend of the numbers. And that’s why it’s very important to frequently measure your company’s CSI over time. You need to stay on top of the trend in your CSI. If it’s going up, great. If it’s not going up, or declining, then you have a problem. But at the least, you know you have a problem and that’s 50 percent of the solution.

There’s no doubt that you can’t be a successful marketer unless you monitor your customer satisfaction. That requires a system.

Your company has its own numbers and we encourage you to do the math and decide what makes sense for you. But, one thing we’re sure you’ll find: the cost of CSI research is far less expensive than a customer lost because of poor customer satisfaction.

What’s the next step?

If you’d like more information, without sales pressure and with no obligation, call us. We’ll set aside an hour to listen to you about your issues. After that conversation, we’ll probably have at least 2 or 3 suggestions you can use. There’s no cost for the phone call—we never charge for this “pick your brain” session.

Prior to a phone session, we will provide a brief guide to guide the conversation and keep us on track. We will also provide a signed Privacy and Non-disclosure agreement which legally forbids us to expose any information you share so you can be comfortable about sharing information.

If, after that phone call you decide to move forward, we will prepare a work scope and the details you need to get things approved and in motion.

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