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Do you know why bank “switch kits” don’t work?

Do you know why bank “switch kits” don’t work?  Because they are an empty promise.


Almost a bait and switch. Maybe a UDAAP violation.  OK, so that’s an overstatement.  But, switch kits are pretty awful.

If you look at them, you’ll see what I  mean.  Banks always say, “It’s easy.  Just download our quick-change form.”

Except, it’s not easy and it’s not quick.  It’s paper.  The customer has to round up all their information and fill-in a complex form.  And then, the customer has to send it in.  All very 1990’s.

So, what’s better?

An electronic switch kit.  It’s an internet form.  Customers fill in the data, online.  The bank loads it up to a secure, encrypted server.  The customer gets a acknowledgement and the form is delivered as data so the bank can process it and monitor the processing.  All very 21st century.

Ah, but this probably costs money and PDFs are free.  Well that’s true.  But, it’s also true you’re not getting any new business with your PDF. So, how cheap is that?

If you’re ready to talk about rolling out a switch kit that actually can work, call me, 828-230-5803.  Or email me at adero@am-solutions.us with SWITCHKIT in the subject line.)  Remember, it never costs money to brainstorm ideas.