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Easy NSF Income May Be Going Away. Now what?

Easy NSF Income May Be Going Away. Now what?


If the regulators have their way, your NSF income will become anemic, to say the least.  But, you can fight back — and win — if you get organized.  First things first: get the answers to four questions:

First Question: What solution do you plan to deploy that will help your cope with shrinking NSF income?

Second Question: What makes you think your customers will stand for your solution?

Third Question: What are you doing to locate the IT supplemental support you’ll need to implement alternative NSF income programs? (Hopefully, you’re not going to get in bed with your core processor’s ‘preferred vendor’.)

Last Question: How are you going to afford all this?

Clearly, you need a strategy and a plan — and, it needs to be a damn good strategy and plan.  That means you need:

(1) Research that provides good data and

(2) Viable alternatives and,

(3) A sharp marketing campaign the bank can afford.

You could do this yourself.  Maybe.  If  you had the right resources in your bank.  Which, if you’re under $3 billion you likely will have to look outside.

Or, of course, you can do nothing – and get further behind.

Or, you could call a professional bank marketing and IT company.  (This is the recommended solution.  We even know people who do this. )

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