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Pain Point 1

You're spending a lot of money on technology but you aren't scoring any touchdowns.
Talk to Us about Projects-Plus. See why that's what you really want.

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We know why this happens.  More importantly, we know how to keep it from happening again.

The trap of “spending more and getting less” gets sprung because all the due diligence that was done overlooked two less obvious, but utterly vital considerations: 

    1. Exactly how will the new technology result in improved customer experience?  When new tech implementation is fumbled, it causes poor experiences for customers.  Customers have long memories.  It’s not smart to provide them with bad ones. 
    2. Nobody took the time, by writing down all the exact details, step by step, flow-charting as it were, a determination of all the steps required to make the new tech pay off.  

There are two (and maybe three) ways to stop this from happening:

    1. Stop writing checks upfront.  Instead, negotiate payment when promised functionality occurs.
    2. Verify, as described above, that the new tech will play nice with the old tech–and not just the tech, but with the existing workflows.

Since we’ve already seen this movie a few times, it’s quite possible we can help.

We do a thing we call Project-Plus. 

Some people call it a work-flow. But that’s a bit prosaic for our tastes.

It requires good planning and close collaboration with a trusted resource.  (That would be us.)  

It is disarmingly simple.  The difference is our focus.  Of course, we write a detailed description of what the new tech is supposed to do.  But more importantly, we carefully flow-chart how the new tech will be incorporated into both legacy systems and work-flow procedures.  Then, and only then, we match up the new tech and it’s integration with a determination of the customer (and potential new customer) experience expectation. We also determine if there will be “work product expenses” involved, for example, if a testing application is required then the costs for that will be included. If that all fits seamlessly, the new tech is a go.

However, very frequently the process uncovers serious gaps between desired performance and actual.  And, that’s a good thing because it will stop a bad fit in its tracks and protect your bank account.    


We not just talking about tech.  Project-Plus works on ad campaigns, HR initiatives, sales campaigns, incentive programs, and a whole host of other projects a typical company might consider.

Think about it.  Doesn’t it make sense to have a disciplined approach that is almost guaranteed to have success?

Project-Plus:what does it cost?

First of all there is no up-front cost. No “retainer”.  

What there is, is a careful project plan (or work-scope) which is the result of extensive collaboration between your constituents and us.  

When the plan is written, a quote is prepared.  A completion date is agreed upon.

Then, when our work is completed, you pay the agreed amount.  Occasionally, when the work takes place over a period longer than sixty days, we may ask for progress payments for actual work completed.  

A typical “due diligence” project as discussed above ranges between $2,500 and $7,500.  The higher range happens because we’re dealing with a larger company with more than 25 involved employees.

Get more information pronto!  

Ping us and we’ll be in touch quickly. By the way, your information is safe with  us.  We don’t share.  Period.

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