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Is it time for you to stop advertising?

It’s simple.  No matter who you are, or how big or small your business, if you don’t have a written advertising plan, with objectives, strategies and budgets, you’re almost certainly wasting money.  You’ll probably be better off spending it in an Atlantic City casino.  At least you’ll have more fun.

Spending before planning means you must be lucky. (That’s why I mention the casino trip.)    Admittedly there are lots of people doing well in spite of how well their advertising works; after all, if you’re making enough money, ad efficiency doesn’t matter.  However, no matter your business, I bet you won’t be happy when you discover how much inefficiency is in your ad budget.

Planning before spending is just plain smart, not to mention being a great tool to build serious wealth.  So, why don’t more business people do it? My 45 years of observing clients tells me the biggest reason is they are not informed on how advertising really works.

Fixing this isn’t brain surgery.  Most business people, once they figure this out, are perfectly capable of preparing and living by a spending plan.  Others, because of limited time, or inexperience, find a professional to help them.

The bottom line: spending advertising money is supposed to make you money.  If it isn’t, you’re doing it wrong.