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It’s never bad to have options.

Of course, you have good marketing partners, but, hey, stuff happens.

When life intrudes, we're ready and able to help.

When life intervenes in your plans,
think of us.  We’re a good option.

We’re built for fast turn-arounds:
We have experienced, talented “on shore” people
We operate leading-edge, high-speed equipment and operating systems.
Backed up by 1 Gigabyte internet and a whole slew of geek-derived apps
Customers benefit: Good work and fast turns for affordable prices.

Other things you should know:

We don’t do up front fees.  You pay us when it’s done, or for projects that exceed 60 days, as specified steps are completed.
We provide a hard-dollar quote (think workscope) before we start.
We run a tight security ship. We are careful with your data.

Get more information pronto!  

Ping us and we’ll be in touch quickly. By the way, your information is safe with  us.  We don’t share.  Period.

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Typical Projects

Banking Online Account Opening

Banking Online Book to Core Systems

Board of Directors Portal

Online Parts Spec Lookup

Online Parts and Service Status

Online Association Membership Database

Visual Basic Spread Sheets for MS Excel

Companies in our portfolio.

Parker Hannifin

First Citizens

Peoples Bank

Togar Rugs



United National



Arc Agency

Capstone Bank



NC Bankers

BSA Coalition

Great State

Bank of Asheville