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Maximize the Customer Experience: Online Banking and Mobile Banking

Community banks are at a big disadvantage when it comes to offering customers online banking and mobile banking.  Why?  Because they can’t afford customized apps.  So, they are forced to buy OLB and Mobile Banking from vendors who are providing “one size fits all” applications.  Usually, this has negative effects on the bank’s brand.  And, usually, it makes it next to impossible to create a program that enhances the customer experience.

However, there is a possible alternative: hire an outside web savvy consultant who knows how to set up web programming utilities that will make it possible to customize the way the OLB vendor provides the service.  For example, the OLB vendor provides an “i-frame” connection between the bank’s website and the actual OLB application.  This is not always the best solution for a bank who wishes to be attentive to its customer experience because it takes the bank out of control of their process. So, for example, if a bank wanted to include a customer notice in close proximity to the login box, the bank would have to pay the OLB vendor to make that change….and wait for the implementation.

The better way is for the bank to have the consultant work with the OLB vendor to provide the necessary program modifications that permit the bank to tailor the website interaction  between the customer and the vendor.

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