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IS Applications: Middleware and Add-Ins

From our company’s beginning, we have built marketing solutions that leverage technology, creative design and federal compliance. Technology includes Website Automatic Program Interface (API) development and implementation, Smartphone and tablet apps, remote data display and retrieval. We deploy affordable, secure technology solutions (such as in-house online account opening, Reg E opt-in processing for community banks, web portals and Intranets). Here’s a glimpse of recent projects:

  • Developed device independent database applications to keep a sales force up-to-date on critical data – competitive profiles highlighting client product superiority.
  • Converted a printed membership directory to an online, browser-based resource which permits members to update their information.
  • Developed a device-independent database of manufacturer’s parts, updated over the Net, for use in a wide variety of sales environments. The resulting digital catalog resides on the device, so it’s accessible even in absence of an internet connection.
  • Created a customer-accessible, Internet-delivered email management system so consumers can go online and update email addresses which are, in turn, uploaded into the client’s core processing (CIF) system.
  • Created an online referral system that allows a verified customer to submit a “tell-a-friend” referral which is then transferred to the client’s internal CRM software for tracking.
  • Built a “bridge” to display current inventory from a client’s back-office software to their website.

Our applications run on secure web servers or a client’s server behind the company’s firewall. Database applications are built with room for expansion and growth. Data input sources can include internal as well as external systems and can run in real-time or as a scheduled task. Every application is built to suit a client’s unique situation and needs.

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