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One Company, Three Lines of Business

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Our company was founded in 1972 as a marketing agency. In those early years, the majority of our revenue came from financial institutions. Later, we developed a substantial portfolio of manufacturing companies.

We soon learned that our success was entirely dependent upon the success of our clients. We developed a mantra: anything it takes to make the client successful.

Within a few years, it also became clear that making clients successful involved becoming experts in related fields such as tech services, and in the case of financials, we had to learn federal consumer compliance.

So, in the late seventies we opened a “tech services” division. In the early eighties we opened a “compliance” division. In the beginning, those divisions existed solely to assist our marketing work. In a short time, those divisions became popular with companies that didn’t necessarily want marketing, but they did want tech and compliance support. In the mid-nineties we turned those divisions into full lines of business.

Until then, we marketed our marketing services as Apple Advertising. The tech services and compliance services did business as MAPS, an anacronym for “Management Assistance: Programs and Services.” (Looking back that seems seriously pompous, but it was what it was.)

In 2013 we re-branded the company as “A&M Solutions,” and began marketing ourselves as “one company with three lines of business.” The rebranding was an effort to pull all of us together under one name while still keeping separate identities relating to each line of business.