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More reasons we’re a great resource for Parker Marketing Managers…

We know Parker. We’ve worked with the Pump Motor division for more than 15 years and have produced video and related marketing material for Parker corporate. (We’re the only approved Parker Video Services provider in the USA outside of Ohio.)

We know how to leverage digital tools to make advertising dollars work harder. Traditional advertising methods are expensive and the results are hard to quantify. New digital tools provide precise targeting and measurable results. We know this territory. We can produce programs and systems (think specialized technology solutions) to demonstrate the value your product brings to buyers.

We know how to develop strategies that produce results. It’s not enough to target customers and prospects. Success also depends upon communicating your key value statements to your sales people, including distributors. Our strategies, complete with budgets and ROI, will enhance your success and build your revenues.

We understand how to make Parker E-Business and Web Sphere work. E-Business and Web Sphere represents a major corporate effort to maximize division sales and marketing. But, onboarding your division’s marketing to parker.com is a big challenge. It will pay dramatic dividends in expanded revenues and profits, but it won’t be a walk in the park. We are an affordable and efficient outside resource to help you reap the benefits E-Business and Web Sphere will bring.

Plus, we’re easy to work with and make great business partners. We have Parker references. If you’d like to talk with them, let me know and I’ll send them.

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