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Marketing with Social Media

The act of selling via the new or social media outlets is to market via these channels. That’s why it’s called Social Media Marketing.  Do not let the brand personality of social media keep you from perceiving the opportunity of the medium, which is to enhance and extend your company’s reach, and influence.   This is far easier to say than to successfully accomplish.

Here are some ideas that will help you to achieve your own social media marketing success.

A fundamental of marketing is that corporate messages have distinct characteristics sustained over time. The messaging must:

  1. be interesting,
  2. suggest value,
  3. create expectation, and
  4. satisfy demands.

Consistent realization of these goals is the hallmark of a professional marketer.

Don’t try this at home.

Speaking of the mark of a professional, you may have been impressed by the hip, new “amateur” work posted on YouTube and the success of young entrepreneurs who became successful without the usual services such advertising agencies or video professionals. Sorry to tell you, but that’s not going to work for you. You already have what these people wanted when they started, and you now have it to lose. (By the way, many of the alleged amateur productions out there are not amateur at all but rather contrived by professional writers and producers.)

What is really important?

It is true that the production “value” doesn’t matter as much as used to. But, what does matter is the thinking behind the production– expressed in words and speech.  Such professional-grade thinking has never been more critically important.  What is so cool about the web, and the social marketing tools that deliver it, is that the viewers are able to “fall in love” with the message, the content.  If it moves them, they like it, they will quickly share with others what they like and reward the source of the good content.

What’s the Social Media Marketing bottom line?

Concentrate on being relevant to your market.  Then, work to transmit messages that are relevant to who you are and what your market wants to know.  Form a relationship with a professional advertising and marketing firm who has Social Media experience.   Work with them to develop a marketing communication competence good for your revenue stream. (By the way, the communication competency expressed in marketing and advertising will also help your sales team.  Click to read a great article from Sales Coach that should be incorporated in your sales meetings.)

We want your feedback!

What have you done with the new media, social media, that was great marketing? Drop us a line or leave a comment. We’d love to hear about your success!