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Time to get over paper catalogs & manuals?

Time to get over paper catalogs & manuals?

Addinhe biggest issue with printed sales and service support documents is not the cost.

It’s the obsolescence factor — and the uncertainty of the delivery system.

Especially product catalogs and service manuals are out date quickly, sometimes before they leave the printer. And, as you know, when you depend on your sales force (or distributors) you can be leaning on a very slender reed.

The solution: deliver the information over a microsite (or website). Document updates are far easier, and can happen “now.” You should think about it next time you crank up that annual printed project.

Example of website

Another problem is all this: all printed stuff is one-dimensional. People retain much more if they hear it and see it. Think: how hard is it to write a “how to tie your shoes” manual? And, how much easier and effective it would be to produce a video, with supporting graphics and maybe musical sweeteners? First time video production costs are roughly equal to initial printing costs. Life cycle costs for video are even lower.

Say good by to obsolescence.

It’s time to spend smarter and get aligned with your customer expectations.  Adding internet publishing to your customer service is a smart move.