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Walmart’s “Project Impact” – a thump on the head?

Maybe you didn’t see our tweet about Walmart’s “Project Impact”.  You may have missed something important. (Not that following our Twitter feed is worth your daily attention… yet.)

The important part is that the company who has kicked off their own “Project Impact” is the same company who operates a massive retail a store in just about every market in the country, who even now has an increasing “share of wallet” and who may just be your customers’ next bank.  Walmart thinks they know how to take ANY customer away from ANY company.  And you know, they’re on to something.

The Walmart strategy posits that winning the customer experience battle gains ground important in the war of corporate survival. As an idea, this isn’t new.  Big companies typically launch these “experience” campaigns that die from committee decisions and Corporate Attention Deficit Disorder (CADD).

But this time Walmart’s mission feels different.  This is a company that has proven it knows how to win.

My recommendation: while reviewing and scoping your company’s opportunities  think about just one segment that when executed properly will make other opportunities easier to realize.

The customer experience matters more  today than it did thanks to the internet.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the other ‘people-power machines’ can make or break your opportunities — worse, your brand — faster than you can say “UNPLUG!

The companies who take the customer experience seriously, and continue to innovate in delivering “surprise and delight” will win.  The companies who sit and stare at their computer screen all day will go the way of dinosaurs and Circuit City.

Stop working out the old stodgy marketing plan and get ready for the new economy.  Walmart gets it, and perhaps as important, they have the money to so muddle the market that it won’t matter if they screw it up in transition.

What are you doing to defend yourself against Walmart’s Project Impact? It’s a big deal.  I think you need to call me.  Today.  Or RT the tweet to get my attention.

A company empowered within its own local markets can win any customer experience battle. All that is needed is a passion to thrive and a good relationship with a marketing partner who gets it.  If I may suggest one that’s been in the same family and with the same ownership since 1972?  You get where this is going….