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Web Application Development

It’s all on the web

Modern websites are no longer just electronic brochures. Many consumers and businesses will not be satisfied with just reading your mission statement or learning about products from five years ago. Information is expected to be robust, current and actionable. Great websites and microsites come from the combination of market savvy and business wisdom, including a heavy dose of technical expertise. We design sites to meet a company’s unique needs. We provide sites that can be managed by company insiders – or we offer site management as part of our package. Our websites can provide for viewer interaction (testimonials, product and service research, pricing and specifying) as well as a connection to your company’s inside and outside databases.

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Web Application Development

The next logical step to delivering information on your website is to hand over the reins to the viewer. We build web apps that do just that. Some examples of recent projects:

  • Online membership directory converted from an expensive printed version. Members are able to login to the directory, update their own information on demand.
  • Device-independent database of manufacturer’s competitive crossover parts, for use in a wide variety of sales environments. The digital catalog is delivered on the web but resides on the device, so it’s accessible even in absence of an internet connection. An online administrative interface allows for real-time updates to information including uploading data in bulk.
  • Customer-accessible, Internet-delivered email management system so consumers can go online and update email addresses which are, in turn, uploaded into the client’s core processing (CIF) system.
  • Online referral system that allows a verified customer to submit a “tell-a-friend” referral which is emailed to the friend, and transferred to the client’s internal CRM software for tracking.

In some cases, links have to be built that connect various forms of client data before it can be delivered and managed with one of our web apps. That’s where our middleware solutions come in. Learn more about our middleware programs here.

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