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Why Us

Rolling on three tracks

Track One: We deliver great ideas wrapped up in an enterprise-wide marketing and PR strategy that will make you money, increase your franchise value and enhance your customer experience.

Track Two: We organize effective and affordable federal consumer compliance programs for banks, especially BSA/AML programs. This includes policies, training, fixing critical exam findings and software evaluation.

Track Three: We support marketing initiatives by creating technology, In just the past five years we have created, installed, trained and continue to support Web Portals, Intranets and other specialized applications for financial institutions and manufacturing clients.

For manufacturers:

  • Developed a device independent internet based database delivering for a manufacturer’s sales team. Database updated automatically, always current.
  • Converted traditional sales and advertising program to internet, including microsite, animated video, engineering interviews and downloadable sales flyers. Improved reach and reduced marketing costs by one-third

For financial institutions:

  • Developed an online Reg E Opt-In, Online Account Opening for banks,
  • Created a web-delivered Deposit Account Referral programs 24/7
  • Created a ADA friendly website to accommodate recent federal rules
  • Wrote website policy and procedure
  • Developed a DDOS defense of bank website

For bank trade associations:

  • We migrated paper-based membership data to an online, member-directed and fully searchable database – a neat little trick that saved our client $21K the first year and close to $50K in succeeding years.

In our 4 decades of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two. Put our market wisdom and business savvy to work for your institution.

How we fit in

We are excellent business partners and project leaders. We deliver on-time, in-budget and as agreed. We’re good at herding cats and forming consensus. We build teams who are enthusiastic and focused on profitable, predictable results.

Current projects

  • Converting a Share Point Intranet into a system usable by humans
  • Management Dashboards to Monitor Key Processes
  • Building an iPad Application to Publish Product Catalogs
  • Building an On-Line Account Opening System for Loan and Deposit Accounts
  • Maintaining an Online Opt-In System
  • Deploying a Data-Driven Email Management System
  • Scripting a Full Motion Video and Animation Project to Demo New Technology
  • Creating assortment of web sites
  • Five-Year Marketing and Strategic Plan
  • Creating a Shelter Lending Campaign and Incentive Program
  • Migrating a printed membership directory online driven by a dynamic database
  • Coaching Executive Management on Delegating Skills
  • Driving a Management Succession PR Campaign
  • Creating a “Speak Up” Legislative Lobbying program

How we think

To get some insight into how we think, spend a few minutes browsing our blog. Some of the posts are outrageous and some are merely off the wall. You can read our bank compliance thinking here.

Obsessive service

We understand that a project has to be done when it’s supposed to be done. We’re set up to take on and deliver solutions 365/24/7. If that means working on weekends or being in a client’s office on Saturday, well, that’s what we do. From the beginning of the work scope we commit to a successful completion. And we stick to the plan. No matter what. (There’s a story about a show booth that somehow went missing on the way to Las Vegas that we could tell you – there’s also a story about a website that was mugged on a Saturday night.)

For us, it’s not all about the money

Our client relationships are not all about money. They are about earning respect and trust. Sometimes we do ‘value-added’ projects at no charge (see a partial list below). We like these opportunities to make human connections. Besides, every time we learn something valuable. The most important result: our clients understand that we don’t look at them and see only dollar signs.

  • Major community event Keynote Speech
  • Retirement Event for Company’s 20-year CEO
  • Quarterback client’s customer-facing quarterly
  • Prepare 10 minute business case presentation to Board of Directors
  • Prepare division level budget for fiscal year sales and marketing presentation to corporate

Brain-storming is free

We want to be one of the first people you call when you want to do some spit-balling or brain storming. So if you’re wrestling with how to get a project off and running — or trying to decide just exactly how to get your bank going in a good direction — call us. There’s never any charge for you to call, text or email us and get the benefit of what we’ve learned since our inception in 1972. If we have some research or history with your subject, we’ll provide it to you, no charge. Next time you want to bounce something off us, give us a call.

We’re not focused on the past

Our company has been around since 1972. We’ve seen a lot of things work; we’ve seen a lot of things fail. In all that time, we’ve learned that past success accounts for a little. It’s what you’re going to be doing in the next five years that defines you. We’re pretty good at knowing what’s coming and what it means for banks. We figure we can give a community bank a minimum of two years head start on any given marketing, technological or compliance imperative. That sound good to you?

Vertical integration.

We have a thriving business that runs along three tracks: marketing, compliance and technology. We have learned how to weave those three business specialties into practical, affordable solutions for our clients. We think a single knowledgeable source can save clients time, money and aggro. (If you’d like to see a list of projects we’re working on, you’ll find a current list on the same page as the above link, down a couple of screens.)

Next Step

Call for a quick, five-minute conversation: 828-252-4036.

We’ll provide references and you can give us a heads-up on your objectives. After that we will prepare a quick on-line meeting — probably GTM. At that point, you haven’t spent any money. If you like what you saw and heard, then we can talk budget and deliverable. Most proposals can be delivered in 48 hours, sometimes less. Most single track projects take 10 working days; some take considerably longer. But, we can work that out after we have our first talk. You can also send us a note using the comment form below.